COLOSTRUM  is the first ‘milk’ produced after birth by every mammal (mother) on earth. In fact, it is not ‘milk’ in the true sense of the word; but a unique compound considered the most life-giving substance known to science. COLOSTRUM is life itself, the universe’s life starter. When a baby is born trillions of cells are not functioning; during gestation all nutrients and life-support being received from the mother. In the minutes and hours after birth, every young mammal is designed to ingest COLOSTRUM. Within milliseconds there is an explosion of life that occurs, as the DNA clock is started in trillions of cells.

How is it extracted?

COLOSTRUM from a natural grass fed cow is 200 times more powerful than human Colostrum. Our Colostrum is sourced from New Zealand grass fed, naturally grazed cows only.  This is known as the most pure and powerful Colostrum in the world.
New Zealand is a clean, green country and world renowned for its dairy science and expertise. New Zealand developed the first low temperature Colostrum drying process and hence produces the world’s best Colostrum.
Colostrum is collected under the most stringent and ethical processes and only the oversupply of Colostrum is collected from the cow to use for health.
COLOSTRUM is purely a gift of life. It contains all amino acids, all the minerals, all the vitamins, in fact all of everything required for an explosion of life. There is nothing known on earth that is more powerful in its life-giving properties.

How is it used within the products?

COLOSTRUM is over 86% of our Skin Elixir formulation. We also use COLOSTRUM in the Body Polish to give that Cleopatra Experience where the skin can absorb the COLOSTRUM and also you can bath in it. Cleopatra is said to have bathed in the ‘first milk’ i.e. COLOSTRUM.