We heard from Niki Gratrix, a highly-qualified nutritionist and internationally-renowned writer, speaker and award-winning health educator who has told us:

“Electric Body’s wonderful Skin Elixir is like nothing else I have ever come across in the market place for skincare. I recommend it to all my patients and rely on it without fail every day. I think its energetic properties represent a revolution in skincare. This product is one to watch for the future.”




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This has made the world of difference for my sensitive skin.
5 out of 5
I have been using this gorgeous product for a month and am completely overjoyed by the results. My skin is very prone to sensitivity, redness and slight rosacea. My eyes are hyper-sensitive and I have never been able to put any kind of skin care near them for fear of experiencing a bad reaction. Since using this skin elixir my skin is very calm and I experience far fewer days of redness and soreness. I can apply this to my eye area with absolutely no reaction or concern. My skin is completely hydrated and moisturised and looks and feels a million times better. I would highly recommend this skin elixir to anyone who’s skin is sensitive and looking for something both soothing and moisturising


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[service_box title=”Stacy, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

After using the skin elixir I noticed my skin instantly have a different glow.  My complexion has evened out and it’s a product I look forward to using morning and night.  The packaging is a bonus as it’s beautifully presented.  I’m hooked for life! 11.11.14

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[service_box title=”Susie, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

Very happy after my first week of using the elixir! I can almost hear my skin breathing a sigh of relief. Huge improvement in redness and sensitivity which no other product has managed to achieve. Yay! 3.7.14

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[service_box title=”Louise, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

I have been using the Electric Body Skin Elixir for 3 months and love it. My skin feels amazing. My husband had a skin issue and was told by his doctor he needed a special medicated cream that was really expensive. He decided to try the Electric Body Skin Elixir and within two weeks the skin had healed. Extremely happy with this product. 16.7.14

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[service_box title=”Eva, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

This is first time I have used a product (Skin Elixir) that I feel is working.  I have had a number of friends in the past couple of weeks saying my skin is looking really good.  I have tried many different products over the years and feel very grateful that I have finally found a very simple skincare regime and an excellent one at that. 10.8.14

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[service_box title=”Diane, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

“I haven’t been this excited about a new skincare product in YEARS! Electric Body Elixir Cream and their Body Spray are truly awesome! Pure, powerful, natural healing ingredients that are energetically available to every cell!

Rejuvenates, restores, heals skin. An all in one skin treatment cream for wrinkles, sun damage, scars, rashes, irritations…you name it. Powerfully healing and protective!

There is far more to this cream than the sum of its parts – trust me! It has qualities that we just can’t put in print yet.”

“We have included EB on our salon retail shelves since the product’s inception as a unique all-in-one cream which can compliment a wide skincare range or stand along with amazing results.”

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[service_box title=”Latasha, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

“Electric Body is liquid gold for your skin. The smell, the texture is incredible and the list of benefits is never-ending. I have had many people coming in saying they are looking for a change, something simple and effective. I show them Electric body and it is sold in a second. I will never change from this skin care I believe it is the best on the market to date. My skin has never had a glow quiet like it before.”

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[service_box title=”Charlotte, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

“I am excited to start stocking your products as I had such an amazing result from using the Skin Elixir myself and want to make your products available to my clients. I have tried everything on an eczema-type skin issue on my back and your Skin Elixir is the only thing that has worked. Thank you so much!”

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[service_box title=”Lani, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

“I regard it as the Rolls Royce of skincare.”

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[service_box title=”Cherie, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

“I’m addicted! I have never felt this way about a product before! I get into a panic if I discover my bottle is almost finished!”

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[service_box title=”Georgia, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

“I have been using Electric Body Skin Elixir for over two years now and I will never use anything else. Not only does it feel divine, but my skin has never been softer. I am very conscious of looking after my skin, preventing the aging process as much as possible and didn’t want to use a product containing chemicals that could be harmful to my health. So I was delighted to discover Electric Body – the only skin care product that actually lives up to its name of “all natural” and contains live Colostrum to regenerate my skin.”

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[service_box title=”Marguerite, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

“I have found the Electric Body elixir cream to be a faithful friend. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated but not oily at all. A few small drops is all that?s needed and my daughters say it clears their skin of blemishes. It is wonderful to use a product which is electrically nutritional for my face, free of toxins and additives. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting a nurturing, revitalising, healing cream which blends so beautifully with our own electrical systems and energy.”

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[service_box title=”Peter, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

“I’m 52 years old. I’ve never used any skin care before in my life. I was introduced to this skin elixir by a friend. I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now (in the morning and in the night) and I found a big difference in my skin. It feels firmer and more youthful. It also makes my skin have more moisture, which is important for the health of the skin. Another thing I like about the skin cream is that it is very gentle. There were several times that I accidentally got the cream into my eyes when applying it on my eyelid and under my eyes and there was no stinging sensation or reaction at all. I will continue using Electric Body Skin Elixir and it will become a part of my daily regime for healthier skin”

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[service_box title=”Margaret, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

“Whenever possible I use natural products for all aspects of my health. For 3 years now I have been using “Electric Body” Skin Elixir. Two applications daily, with outstanding results. My skin looks and feels firmer and more radiant. I definately feel younger for my 60 years.”

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[service_box title=”Jillian, ” icon=”icon12″ text=”

“I received the face cream from you at beginning of May and have been using it for 3 weeks now. I have found it to be fabulous – my skin has never felt so soft, and blemishes are starting to disappear. Also a rash I had on my chin has completely disappeared. Am using it on the arms and legs and they have also softened! Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful product, as none of the other creams I’ve used have ever done this.”

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