Electric Body is the most revolutionary skincare range – FACT.  Harnessing the life-giving properties of COLOSTRUM, its unique formulation fuses the dynamic principles of quantum physics. Electric Body is the first ever skin care range to extract scientific excellence from nature – the way skincare was meant to be.
  • Contains life-giving COLOSTRUM to energise skin cells
  • Rejuvenates, replenishes and restores radiance
  • Free from all harmful petrochemicals, alcohol, parabens and fillers
  • Safe for the whole family to use from top to toe
  • Kick starts healthy skin
What else is different about Electric Body? Less is more…only minimal quantities are needed to achieve great results – a little goes a long way.

Why it works

The fundamentals of quantum physics are behind Electric Body’s anti-ageing technology. Patented Electrically Formulated® and Electrically Available®, Skin Elixir is a revolutionary approach to skin care.

How it works…

Skin Elixir’s all natural ingredients are blended to create the vibrational frequency that enhances the electrical triggers by which our vital skin cells get the information and nutrition they need to survive.

Put simply…

The mysteries of quantum physics tell our skin cells how to react to the “tune” or vibrational frequency of everything we come into contact with.Based on the vibrational frequency, our cells become healthy or toxic. When foreign bodies are introduced (such as chemical-based creams and lotions), our skin cells can be damaged because the incorrect vibrational frequency is not recognised as life-giving and healthy. The Electric Body Range is bio-available, so there’s no danger of this. The skin knows what to do with the ingredients in the special, all-natural formulation.

Old thinking

“Traditional” medical science is based on particle physics: one chemical for this, one chemical for that. Nature doesn’t work like that. With Electric Body’s holistic approach, ingredients are hand-mixed and vibrationally-stacked to a specific protocol taking a week to carefully make each batch.Electric Body’s healthy skincare range is beyond organic; it’s better than green. It’s bio-available, eco-friendly and life-affirming.

The Science

Electric Body sets a new eco-friendly benchmark in skin care range. The Skin Elixir can replace an entire bathroom cabinet of conventional cosmetics.It’s time to ditch your separate day and night creams, eye cream, anti-ageing/anti-wrinkle preparations, general moisturisers, toners, sunburn treatments and antiseptic lotions for cuts and scratches, etc. The Skin Elixir has it all covered.

Beyond organic…

Electric Body has been conceived with a totally different level of thinking. We have gone beyond natural, beyond organic – to bio-available.The clamour for everything organic – things grown without the use of agricultural sprays or artificial fertilizers – opened our eyes as to where things came from. This is good news but unfortunately organic doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.The term has been abused by marketing  and, in fact, petrochemicals could be legally labelled as organic because they occur naturally in the ground; yet we now know that petrochemicals are potentially carcinogenic (cancer-causing).The difference with Electric Body is that the ingredients have been formulated to create a life-giving whole. This supplies an electrical and biological life-force to rejuvenate every skin cell. When applied to the skin, Electric Body recognises the active ingredients so our bodies know how to use these and return the skin to its optimum condition.As a result of its formulation, Electric Body Skin Elixir is as effective internally as well as externally.

Where does the colostrum come from?

The main ingredient, New Zealand COLOSTRUM, is known as the most powerful, life-giving compound known to science.The COLOSTRUM used in Electric Body is sourced from grass-fed dairy herds that graze on the pristine pasturelands of the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island – one of the most environmentally pure places on the planet. This New Zealand COLOSTRUM is acknowledged to be the best quality available.

New Zealand developed the first low temperature Colostrum drying process and hence produces the world’s best Colostrum.
Colostrum is collected under the most stringent and ethical processes and only the oversupply of Colostrum is collected from the cow to use for health

Green credentials

Electric Body Skin Elixir is free from fillers (substances used to bulk-up products) and artificial compounds. It is recognised by many doctors and scientists as one of the most bio-available, life-giving skin creams on the market today.All our ingredients are sourced from small, family-owned operations and our products are batch made, by hand, in small production runs to maintain purity and excellence.There is no mass production. Our packaging is 100% recyclable. At Electric Body we go beyond organic, beyond green,to bio-available skin care.

How to have healthy skin

Skin is our largest organ: weighing an average of four kilograms, covering an area of two square metres and with approximately 300 million skin cells. Skin is the barometer of our wellbeing and our main interface with the world.Consequently, exposure to intense sun, or smoking, can show visible results on the skin in the form of premature ageing, poor complexion and wrinkles. The whole Electric Body range is your total, healthy skin solution.

Here are a few ideas for each of the all-natural Electric Body range:

  • Body exfoliation using the Body Polish followed by an all-over moisturising massage with the Body Spray.
  • Use the Body Polish in a foot spa to soften and exfoliate the skin followed by a relaxing and moisturising Body Spray foot massage.
  • Body Spray hand massage – then use the Skin Elixir to soften the cuticles and promote healthy nail growth.
  • The products are excellent for use with electrical treatments including non-surgical face lifts – CACI.
  • Body Polish works well in a hydrotherapy pool as well as in your bath for an all-over moisturising experience.
  • Skin Elixir can be used to remove make-up and is an excellent base for foundation.
  • Any dry patches of skin will benefit greatly from applications of Skin Elixir, e.g. elbows, feet, fingers, scalp.


At Electric Body we use nature’s purist ingredients, skillfully combined to create a range of unbeatable skin-care products.

Skin Elixir

Cetearyl Alcohol (Coconut/Palm wax)
Oryza Sativa
(Rice) Bran oil
Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) leaf* in Glycine Soja (Soybean) oil*
Dromiceius (Emu) oil
Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) seed oil
Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate (Coconut/Palm wax)
Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Blueberry) seed oil
Sinesis Dulcis (Orange) peel oil
Colloidal Silver
Zinc Oxide
Hydrogen Peroxide
Plantifolia fruit oil.
Citral/Geraniol/Linalool in citrus oils.

Description of Ingredients:

Colostrum,Colostrum, the first and most powerful life-giving substance supplied by nature to all mammals. Sourced from happy cows from the pristine grasslands of the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand from family farms with grass fed, non-housed, non-hormone, antibiotic free, naturally grazed dairy herds. Colostrum contains the precise balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that all cells need.

Coconut/Palm Wax, has to be labeled as two parts. Cetearyl Alcohol is a natural fatty alcohol “oil” found in plants and nuts. It does not dry the skin like other true (ethyl) alcohols and thus its effect on the skin is quite different from “true alcohols”. It is used in natural cosmetics to stabilize oil and water compounds, to deliver ingredients to the skin and to keep the skin moisturized. Cetearyl Sulfate is the other part of the Coconut/Palm wax that acts as a surfactant and cleansing agent. Waxes fall under the alcohol classification in pharmaceutical terms, however it is legal to claim alcohol-free in our case as we use a low alcohol fatty acid, Coconut Palm Wax, which is not a true alcohol, like ethyl alcohol, which dries the skin.

Rice Bran Oil, is a long chain molecular complex containing Tocotrienol, a natural source of Vitamin E. It is a powerful antioxidant to help prevent skin aging caused by free radicals formed by UV radiation and pollution.

MSM,is a natural bio-available dietary sulfur found in many plants and is crucial for skin elasticity.

Organic Aloe Vera, is recognized as one of nature’s best skin conditioners and moisturizers as well as having excellent soothing properties.

Emu oil, used by the Australian Aborigines for centuries, is the ultimate transdermal and is added to soften and soothe the skin.

Orange Peel Oil, Lemon Peel Oil and Vanilla Oil, are cold pressed essential oils blended to produce a pleasant, light, refreshing scent.

Blueberry Seed Oil, is a powerful antioxidant which helps prevent skin aging due to free radical damage plus it is a natural stabilizer and freshener.

Silica, is an essential trace mineral required for the formation and suppleness of the skin.

Hydrogen Peroxide, (less than 1%), produced naturally in the body and required for intracellular oxygenation.

Hemp Oil, contains the perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acids required for cell health and vitality. These are not produced in the body so must be gained from the diet and topical application.

Zinc Oxide, has FDA GRAS status and, being an ultraviolet light filter, is a skin protector as well as a source of natural trace minerals. This acts as a natural SPF factor.

Organic Bentonite Clay, is an organic source of trace minerals, widely used as a face pack to absorb toxins and clean skin pores.

Colloidal Silver, as a non-metallic ionic silver, is widely used in burn clinics, wound dressings, water purification systems and food carton linings.

This product has been formulated to be pH neutral, very mild and suitable for sensitive skin, however it contains a very low level of Hydrogen Peroxide and so we are required by law to state: Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, rinse immediately with water.

Body Spray

C8-C10 Triglycerides (from coconut oil)
Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet  Almond) Oil
Parfum (Mandarin Fragrance)
Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil
Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil
Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil
Tocopherol Acetate (source of Vitamin E)
Citrus Nobilis (Mandarin Orange) Peel Oil
Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Oil
(the last four ingredients are natural constituents of the Mandarin fragrance essential oil)


Description of Ingredients:
Coconut Oil, consists of triglycerides derived mainly from medium chain fatty acids (MCTs). Coconut oil is one of nature?s richest sources of MCTs. MCTs have many health and skin benefits. Coconut oil is revered in Ayurvedic medicine which has advocated its use on the skin for centuries. As well as human breast milk, Coconut oil is one of nature?s most abundant sources of medium chain fatty acids (MCTs). We need them for skin tone and for maintaining cellular firmness.

Sweet Almond Oil, is rich in unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids which are easily absorbed into the skin. It is very high in Omega-3. Benefits include improved complexion. In Ayurveda, Almond oil is known to benefit the skin and the Chinese consider Almond oil necessary for female beauty. Mandarin Fragrance, a natural fragrance derived from Mandarin essential oil.

Avocado Oil, is valued for its regenerative and moisturizing properties. Avocado oil is one of the few vegetable oils not derived from seeds; it is pressed from the fleshy pulp which yields a rich and extremely deep penetrating oil, high in vitamin D (it contains more than butter or eggs) which helps with sun or climate damaged skin. Avocado oil?s main skin benefit is that it is high in phytosterols, which assist in the softening and suppleness of the skin. Phytosterols impart a superior moisturizing, nourishing effect and assist in the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. In a study carried out at the Department of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in 1991, Avocado oil was found to significantly increase the amount of collagen in the skin, which normally is under attack as we grow older. Avocado oil is easily absorbed into deep tissue, its wonderful emollient properties making it ideal for mature as well as young skin.

Jojoba Oil, Native Americans have used Jojoba oil for many different purposes: on sores, cuts, bruises, burns, as a skin conditioner, and for soothing windburn and sunburn. The structure of Jojoba oil is different from that of other vegetable oils. Rather than being an oil, it is actually a polyunsaturated liquid wax, similar to sperm whale oil. As a wax, Jojoba oil is especially useful for applications that require moisture control, protection and emolliency. It is a very stable oil which makes it especially useful for cosmetic applications. It is applied directly to the skin to soften, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and scars, and to promote healthy skin.

Orange Peel Oil, a cold pressed essential oil.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate), a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals caused by pollution and UV exposure that are major causes of skin aging. Vitamin E is normally found in the skin, however exposure to sunlight has shown to deplete this extremely important antioxidant and topical application is often advised. Adequate Tocopherol is even more important for mature skin, as it decreases with age. As well as its antioxidant properties, it helps with tissue regeneration, thereby keeping the skin in good condition. Topical application of Vitamin E can be helpful in preventing transepidermal water-loss, thereby increasing the natural moisture content of the skin.

Mandarin Oil and Lime Oil, cold pressed essential oils added to assist the feel of the product. Limonene, Linalool, Geranioland Citralare natural constituents of the Mandarin fragrance essential oil – the final ingredients to create the pleasant scent and magic of our Body Spray.

Body Polish

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts)
Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
Calcium Carbonate (Natural Chalk)
COLOSTRUM (Nature’s first milk, natural and pure from New Zealand)

*Registered Organic

Description of Ingredients:
Epsom Salts, have been included in bath and facial products for many years. Soaking in these salts can release toxins through the skin. Epsom Salts are also used to exfoliate and soften the skin. Epsom Salts are a powerful source of magnesium and when added to a hot bath or massaged onto the skin, can lead to many benefits including the easing of muscle pain, leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed.

Baking Soda, is an exfoliating skin softener. It helps to soothe, as well as draw out and neutralize poisons and toxins from the skin. It is also very effective in washing acid wastes out of the skin and body. Both Epsom Salts and Baking Soda have FDA GRAS status and are edible.

Chalk, is a natural source of calcium and is the fine sandpaper element in our Body Polish.

Colostrum, is nature’s first and most powerful life-giving food. Colostrum contains the precise balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that all cells need. When combined with the natural salts and chalk and massaged into the skin it can enliven and invigorate while adding to skin suppleness and tone.