Electric Body extracts scientific excellence from nature – the way skin was meant to be nourished –So many companies claim to be natural but when you read their ingredients they aren’t or are not bio-available to the body. Every skin care looked at listed water as their first and main ingredient. Electric Body’s first/main ingredient is New Zealand COLOSTRUM – nature’s most powerful food. Every batch is hand-made in small quantities and only contains live, active, low-heat treated, bio-available ingredients.Skin Elixir harnesses the unique properties of COLOSTRUM – the first milk produced by every mammal to kick-start life and give their young the nutrients, anti-bodies and energy they need.
  •   A safe choice for the entire family – from top to toe
  •   Totally-free from harmful chemicals and preservatives and parabens
  •   Revitalising anti-ageing technology
  •   Cell-rejuvenating
  •   Pure life-giving and energetically formulated ingredients
  •   Award-winning science
  •   Internationally patented
  •   Electric Body is the most revolutionary skincare range you’ll ever find – FACT –
[/check_list]COLOSTRUM the primary ingredient in Electric Body Skin Elixir could be considered the oldest, most researched super food in all of human history. Its health, beauty and healing effects were recorded in ancient Egypt, by the Ayurvedics in India and even by the old cattle tribes in Africa. In modern times, there is an abundance of published research showing colostrum’s health and healing properties, including the topical application for skin beauty, rejuvenation, anti-aging and healing. Electric Body Skin Elixir is one of the most efficient, natural, bio-available, biologically-alive, skin-rejuvenating, healthy skincare products on the market today.Electric Body Skin Elixir is a new paradigm in healthy natural skin products. For 70 years the skin care industry has been largely based on chemical compounds and or extracts from nature. Electric Body chose to go down a different path, by using some of natures most powerful compounds i.e. COLOSTRUM, and cold pressed botanical oils, to hand craft an amazingly effective skin care cream without chemicals or preservatives.

Skin Elixir is different…just pure, natural life-giving skin nutrition

Chemical-free for healthy families. Safe to use every day, everywhere, by everyone.


Scientists now admit that our skin is so absorbent that we should be careful to avoid rubbing in toxic substances. Too many chemicals are taken into the body through our porous skin, sometimes through inferior cosmetics and skin care. With Electric Body you can be sure of enhancing rather than polluting our largest organ.

Pump it out…

Cream in a jar or tube is biologically dead. That’s why Skin Elixir comes in a specially devised vacuum pump – sealed from the air. This is what makes it a gift of life to all life – cell enhancing, health promoting and regenerating for every single skin cell.